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Barka Parka


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Spare cover

This blushed beauty, despite its pastel hues, is made of the same soft and durable twill - Chelsea is pink highlighted by stone white piping. Made in Great Britain with a lifetime warranty. We make all our our piping in-house, using well matched fabrics.

Our beds give superb comfort, but you need to get the right size: Check the size chart here

As a set it comes with a filled sage bed (invisible under the cover) and a removable cover (visible) - taking seconds to change, and washable at 40c. When buying Chelsea, you can choose to have an extra cover; so you always have the bed covered whilst one's in the wash. Buying the second cover also saves you £5 .

Finally, you can choose between 'virgin' polystyrene beans and BioFoam 'eco' beans. Both give excellent support, but the latter, slightly more expensive option, is made of plant extract and can be composted at the end of its life.

Waterproof covers are sold separately, fitting invisibly under the cover.

Overseas customers, or those with a supply of beans to fill the bed, often choose a Fill-It-Yourself (FIY) option. This allows us to post beds out flat, saving on shipping; email us for FIY prices and we can invoice by email.

All our fabrics are durable and soft Poly/Cotton Twill (65%/35%), bought from wholesalers in the United Kingdom.

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