• Richard Burdett

Pay more, but buy once.

I have a pair of Sanders shoes, made in England. They're an expensive hand-made brand. But I've had this pair since 1997. Twenty three years, and I think they've been resoled once, and had a few rubber soles attached. What a saving; not only do I have well-fitting, soft shoes, with a bit of patina, but the price across the years is very reasonable. Almost cheap.

Had the same thing with a pair of tan Church shoes, made in Northampton, which cost £180. Spread that cost over ten years and it's obviously worth spending on quality.

It's the same with a BARKA PARKA. You get what you pay for. Our beds will last long beyond the three year warranty, and although you may buy new covers, spread over time you save money. We often have customers ring after buying a dog bed for £20, but which has fallen apart after a month.

With the original bed, made in 1976, still in use, a BARKA PARKA makes sense in terms of money. Even if you ignore the range of colours, comfort, quality and ability to 'buy British', it makes sense financially to spend a bit more on a bed. Because it's the last bed you need to buy.

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