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It's got to be a Barka Parka

As consumers we are bombarded with companies branding their product as the best and the only one you should purchase. Pet products prove no exception to the rule.

At Barka Parka we have been making bean beds for over 40 years and like to think we have the best product you can buy.


Many beds on the market are rectangular and come in standard small-large sizes. In essence a one size fits all. A BARKA PARKA though is very different. All our beds are circular, this means that the dog can nest in the middle of it but still have room to stretch out as needed. To make sure your dog can get the perfect “nest” we have 10 different sizes and you’ll choose the size of bed based on the dogs back length and weight. Don’t worry though; there isn’t a complicated calculation to work this out. We have a handy size guide which covers most of the breeds.

The fact that our beds are filled with beans and not the traditional foam or man-made fibre filling means that your dog gets some fantastic joint support. Unlike a traditional bean bag our beds are designed to keep the dog off the floor but still mould around them and support their joints. For years customers have used BARKA PARKAs to help support dogs with joint disease and arthritis.


Okay we have all been there. Bought a dog bed that says it’s washable. We can’t deny that most are but what did the bed look like after you washed it? I guarantee that lots were misshapen and lumpy or you had to fight to get the cover back on and so didn’t bother washing it again. How long did it last until it went in the bin? A BARKA PARKA consists of the main bed that contains the beans. The beans are held inside a net so you can pop the net out through the zip and wash the main bed in the machine. You might only have to do that a couple of times a year though. The beans can easily be topped up by untying the net as well.

Over the main bed fits the cover. Now this is the genius part, our covers are elasticated; fitting and holding securely over the main bed like a fitted sheet. It is so easy you’ll need never have a smelly dog bed in your house again. Lots of customers choose to buy an additional spare cover so they have “one to wear and one to wash”.

We have so many returning customers from 20,30 even 40 years ago whos main bed is still perfectly functioning but they have had a change in décor and


You can choose to have your bed filled with traditional polystyrene or Plant Based Bio Foam. The Bio Foam is made of plants and is totally plastic free. Our beds also boast eco-friendly credentials as they are made to last a long time. Buying from us means you will have a bed that won’t end up in land fill after a few months but will likely go onto a second dog.


We may be living through a pandemic but BARKA PARKA are still operating and providing the “best rest” for thousands of dogs across the globe. Don’t forget buy a BARKA PARKA and you’ll get

· 3 year warrantee

· Washable covers

· Huge range of colours

· Eco friendly Bio Beans

· Long lasting, comfortable dog bed that will look great in any home

The photos below are all of happy customers. Why not add your dog to the list. You won't be dissapointed





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