• Richard Burdett

A new era for BARKA PARKA, but the same old quality and ethos.

The BARKA PARKA bean bed, which we've made since 1979 is now the BARKA PARKA 'Original' bean bed. Following demand for other fillings, particularly ecological/sustainable, and requests for a bed that fits better in corners, we've made the pictured bed, the BARKA PARKA 'Crown Jewel.'

It features:

  • A waterproof, breathable in bed in a durable Olive fabric.

  • An easily removable slip cover that is in our hard-wearing twill and takes seconds to change.

  • A bed that can be filled by customers with coir, wool, scrap, hay et cetera et al. It will be supplied with washed wool.

  • It comes in three sizes, with the diagonal measurements of 4' (Small), 4.5' (Medium) and 5' (Large).

  • The covers come in our Classic Combinations, but the contrast delivered with our in-house piping - Strawberries&Cream (Pillar Box Red with Stone piping), Guardsman (Navy with Burgundy piping) and Country Squire (Olive with Sage piping).

They sell for £100, £120, and £140 for a bed and cover.

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