Coat Sizes

Dogs come in all sizes, so StormHound coats have adjustable necks and belts to fit our diverse customers. They come in four standard sizes, named after the models they were first trialled on:

Dixie (Jack Russell) / Mini:

11.625" /  29.5 cm along back


Heidi (Schnauzer) / Small:

13.875" / 35.2cm along back


Beau (Cocker Spaniel) / Medium:

18.375" / 46.7cm along back

Hazel (Labrador) / Large:

22.625" / 57.5cm along back

Measuring your dog is easy, if you're unsure from the sizes above. Feel for the top of the shoulder blades, drawing your fingers up to the spine at the base of the neck; measure from this point to the base of the tail. If you want to ask a question about your dog, email us at:

Feel free to ask about bespoke options and different breeds; if we find a demand, we will try to meet it.